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Chapter 1 of 2022

The journey so far and meeeting

Abby Lee Miller from Dance Moms!...

Ah what a great start to 2022 it has been! A strange one too as we were definately not mentally prepared for what a busy 2022 feels like after January to Easter of 2021 was in a lockdown. It has almost been  bizarre for everyone to have the opportunites they have had during this part of the year as as humans we are needed to be so adaptable and become used to the way things are over time.

We started off the year preparing for 'The Big Weekender' - a new event created up North - fun packed with so many dance experiences; clothing lines, comps, a showcase stage and lots of workshops organised by Soar UK, Chance2Dance and Momentum Comp.

As a teacher it was so refreshing to be in workshops learning new things and being a student. I found the whole event very inspiring and a good reminder of why we all dance and I hope that our team and company dancers also felt this from the experience. I want to thank Ricky Jinx and Ainsley Ricketts for unforgettable workshops and their teaching and human ethic towards dance. I feel like they are shaping our industry with more authenticity and truth - something we often lose sight of with so much social media and trend influence.

I think meeting Abby Lee Miller off American Reality Show, 'Dance Moms' - completely just topped the weekend, it was a one in a life-time opportunity and as nerve-wracking as we knew it would be and as 'sassy' as she is worldy known for, her team feedback for HoF was both constructive and directing. She enjoyed watching our teams and her feedback gives us direction in moving forward and on and that is always important at HoF and as teachers and dancers. A line that stuck with me was, '... and that's how you become better, by applying your teacher's corrections, fix it, apply it and then move on.' - Abby Lee Miller. 

Personally i didn't think she was that 'sassy' I thought she was just very real.

I'm grateful for the growth and experiences so far this year!

Love & Light,

Razia Kaila.

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