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  • Who We Are

    House of Fusion (formerly RM Fusion) has been running for over 13 years.

    We started as a dance company who performed as a team and now we are a dance studio.

    Over these years we have experienced many great experiences doing many different things in the industry from travelling abroad to festivals, weddings, music videos, performances, TV appearances and much more.

    We offer a variety of classes and styles aged from the age of 4 all the way up to adults.

    As well as training hard together we also maintain a natural great vibe as a dance family.

    Our studio is renowned as a comfortable and friendly place to grow as a person and a dancer.

    We welcome new dancers regularly who have a strong passion for dance.


    Razia Kaila (Also known as Zii-Zi)

    Razia Kaila founded House of Fusion in 2007.

    She has taught dance since the age of 18 and has danced herself since the age of 10.

    She holds a BA Hons Degree in Dance & MA in Choreography. During her years of teaching she has taught and performed dance in many different countries; Germany, Turkey, Tunisia, South Africa, Poland, Belgium, India, Ireland and Holland.

    With a wide experience in different dance styles and techniques, Razia aims to teach a humble dance ethic to her students that allows them to learn to reach the best of their abilities in both dance and as a person and to believe that with hard work and a love for what you do, anything can be achieved.

    Credits: Jade Keeley, 'Broken' music video, Illamasqua, Funky Dholis, main dance act for Atif Aslam, Choreographer for Nafees, Funky Dholis, Metz & Trix & UK Shox, BBC1, Brouhaha World Tour, 'Star Cross'd' choreographer/dancer, Choreographer/teacher at The Bollywood Academy, Germany and Aldiana, Tunisia.


    We hold a high variety of classes that aim to train dancers in both traditional techniques and foundations as well as keeping up to date with current and fresh ways to move, create and train.


    House Of Fusion holds a strong reputation for being very current and new in our approaches to creating versatile and well trained dancers.


    P.ositive A.ttitude N.ever D.ivides A.nyone

    P.A.N.D.A was founded in 2013 during the U-Care Camp in Heek, Germany. Here we learnt how to build ourselves as practitioners and how to use this to tackle social issues through the arts- Racism being a key issue on this particular camp.

    House of Fusion wanted to participate in creating some pieces on taboo subjects of our home community. We found that we also had some hidden actors and actresses within our team and so we began creating our first piece as a team, using our knowledge of the performing arts and have continued on to now be working on our 4th piece, a short film called, 'Sh!'- based on self-harm. In the past we have based our pieces on racism, body-image, disabilities, drugs, alcohol and sex exploitation. The reaction and support to our pieces has been overwhelmingly positive and we are excited to continue our work and to have arts funding coming through to help with our present and future work too.


    Adam & Razia Kaila Dance Co.

    Introducing our BRAND NEW Dance Company, 'ARK' - founded by Adam and Razia Kaila.

    A team that aims to gain performance opportunities and grow in versatility and confidence as well as building a great performance portfolio.

    After holding auditions, we have 18 company dancers and are very excited for the future of our new dance company.

  • What We Do

    Our mission is to inspire others by being determined to achieve our goals and dreams.

    We train hard to a high standard in various styles and are a school of drive and ambition.

    We perform and take part for many different community and professional occasions and are versatile in style.

    We aim to bring a comfortable atmosphere that caters for all ages and needs and bring the best out of each student.


    Take a look and enjoy!

    More to be added!

    Jade Keeley, 'Broken'

    Feat Razia Mahmood as the lead role. Also danced/ choreographed by Razia Mahmood.

    Available on ITunes.

    BDO Comp 2015

    Our 16 & overs Team.


    Don't be afraid to reach out. You + us = awesome.

    House of Fusion - Dance & Community Arts
    Fairfield House
    Fairfield Street
    BB5 0LD

    Take a look and enjoy!

    NEXT GEN! Showcase, Manchester.

    We were delighted to be asked to perform at this event that showcases dance teams that are 16 & under! What a great evening of talent and drive! Well done to HoF!


    Our dancer of 7 years almost 8, Isabella Thompson was selected to perform at 0161's youth showcase, Ethnicity.

    She did a fabulous job and has become a well known dancer amongst our community up North.

    Ethnicity take 2!

    Our dancer Tia Ward was selected to perform at 0161's youth showcase, Ethnicity.

    Unique and a star and choreographed a wonderful piece!

    Our dancers continue to gain great opportunities and are always growing as dancers. It is so rewarding to see them amongst so many other great youth dancers.


    WOW! What a fantastic start back to comps we have had since coming out of lockdown! Looking forward to more 2022 comps! Well done to our teams for your commitment and drive through what has been a very challenging time for all! #LAVADA #DESIRE


    We were so proud to have managed to put on both a '21 Summer AND Christmas Showcase! They were both so successful and it was so enjoyable to see how students' showcase their growth in both July and December, well done to all!

    We Made The Papers!

    We made the papers!

    It's been great to be in Accrington again and we are delighted by all the support we have had from our hometown.


    Our next PROJECT ELEVATE Workshop

    After years of our PROJECT ELEVATE WORKSHOPS and seeing how much this has helped our teachers and students step out of their comfort zone and progress further, we are bringing you more in 2022!

    Next up is a DOUBLE Project Elevate with Sam Wise & Adele Inglis! 

    Contact us to book on!



    ARK DANCE COMPANY'S performance at alton towerS & paid video jobs!

    Following what has been a tough couple of years for performance opportunities, ARK have made a fantastic return with some amazing opportunities.

    They have been on paid jobs with a company in Germany to film dance routines for advertisements and in addition smashed their performance at Alton Towers in October 2021!



    What a year 2021 has been ! We've had so much fun and success since coming out of lockdown, it has been so great and overwhelming! To top of the year we won our very 1st Hyndburn Business Award! We won the Sole Trader Award and came 2nd for Creative Business! Very humbled and grateful!


    HOF awards presentations

    It's not House Of Fusion without a good ole party and time to celebrate all the student and studio success! We have two per year after our showcases! We award each student a special HoF Certificate and award 2 students from each class a special HoF medal! We also gave our trophy awards for Great Commitment, Outstanding Achievement and of course crowned our HoF Champions! Our latest HoF Champion Award went to Megan Ramsay! CONGRATULATIONS!


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